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Freelance Writing

Advanced physics and the writer's knack

Back at Monash University I had a fascinating discussion with a Physics professor. He was very senior and I had a great deal of respect for him. I believe I had just finished my Honours Physics year (1983) and was leaving to start work with IBM Australia. He said I should consider doing creative writing as I had that knack.
I never forgot those words. Even though I went into Computers (I.T.) in a big way, I still loved to write. So, in the years since, I've merged the two and now offer Freelance and Technical Writing as services through my business Artwill Services Pty Ltd.

Published works - The Age & Herald-Sun

I did a number of pieces for The Age newspaper, specifically the Livewire section of the famous Green Guide (available every Thursday at all good newsagents) My main focus was on open source and/or other free software or neato web sites.
These included: Keeping your passwords safe, NASA's WorldWind, Google Earth and Google Maps, Using your $30 webcam to capture time-lapse movies of the weather rolling by, Squashing down digital TV and video recordings, web site content managers and re-using old PCs instead of throwing them out. Phew

Most, if not all, are still available on the Age's web site. I keep a list of links to them at a section of my Blog

Some older, pre-2005 pieces: The Web as it was Meant to Be (The Age). Web sites were you edit and create. A world-sized user created encyclopaedia.Buyers Guide to portable MP3 Players (Herald-Sun) .

Other Creative Works

Golden Wisps of Pale Men - Reflections upon ANZAC Day 2004

In 2000 I found myself just outside of Walhalla on the old railway line. The issues of immigration and refugees were starting to bubble up in the media and just about to used as a political football.
Lake Mungo in a fascinating place. A trip - and further research - turned up the tale of LM3 and Port Phillip non-Bay

Interested in Egypt? Think King Tut and the Pyramids and Cleopatra were a few years apart? Have I got news for you.

Today you can get from Melbourne to London in a day and a bit. 130 years ago it took five times that to get to from Melbourne to the Victorian goldfields. They were not that far from where Lake Eildon is now located. I retraced the steps from one Captain Blowhard's journal from 1862.

Pearl Harbour was an interesting movie. But I think it can be improved upon...

And a few more older pieces:

A 1995 piece on what 'watching' Australian Rules Football will be like in the year 2007
A 1996 piece - published in the Melbourne Age newspaper - on AFL and the Internet.
Another document, from about 1995, that Introduces the Internet; it covers the basics


IMDB's page of some of my movie reviews