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Hello. I'm David Sidwell and I've been in I.T. since 1983. My background is mainly with IBM Australia and Aspect Computing.

In old fashioned speak, I'm quite technical and still enjoy being hands-on with a range of systems. I also love writing about, marketing and teaching technology. I offer Content Creation and Editing Services plus Technical Pre-Sales and Training.

I have bought all of these together and offer my services via my Company - Artwill Services Pty Ltd. I can assist via both contract and ad-hoc (on call) work

Technical Writing & other Content work

I have enjoyed working at both customer/end-user sites and well as directly with solution development organisations. This includes Ericsson Australia (Telstra being their client) and the State Government (Department of Justice)

Amongst others, I have developed User Guides, Implementation Notes, Deployment Notes, Trouble Shooting Guides, Technical Usage Guides, Worked-Example Documents, Product Descriptions and Marketing Material

I usually work with Architects, Developers, Database Administrators, Networking Specialists, Deployment Specialists, Content Specialists and - of course - the Project Management create these documents. As mentioned I also enjoy working with 'end users' as the documents are often for them.

A document to me isn't just a Microsoft Word file, but can also be a Presentation, Web Page, Image, Video or a Wiki. Or even a training class. So it's more about content.

I am very experienced in the Microsoft Office suite as well as many other applications.

I particularly enjoy explaining complex concepts to a more general audience and can create, update, edit, re-write or even 'polish' technical documents; both new and existing.

Technical Marketing and Training

Because I am an experienced presenter, I can then create and give presentations on my the same topics covered in my Technical Writing work; both technical and marketing. These can also morph into training classes, which I can develop and teach.