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Daylesford by Sea

I’ve just now finished watching a DVD promoting Victorian tourism. It would seem to be fairly recent but – as you’re about to read – that really isn’t the issue.

It had some quite amazing errors in it. I should point out that it’s not actually any sort of ‘official’ guide. I’m not even sure if it’s still being sold. But here goes:

  • In a section on Daylesford and related, we inexplicably cut to shots of a car clearly on the Great Ocean Road. The narrative is still talking about the Goldfields etc.
  • During the Geelong section, we are encouraged to catch “this ferry” to Tasmania. Huh? What ferry goes from Geelong to Tasmania? They are saying “this” ferry, because they are showing footage of one alright: the Queenscliff – Sorrento Ferry! It even says so on the side! Then whilst singing the praises of Tassie, we are shown footage of what seems to be Sorrento or Queenscliff.
  • Finally the great and historic town of Maldon is covered. Fair enough too, real history preserved. So why on earth do they show stock footage of the main street of Sovereign Hill? Including the gravel roads (which the main streets of Maldon do not have), people in 1850′s costumes and the recreated Cobb and Co thundering past. Oh dear.

You know what, I was reminded of the very funny – but SATIRICAL – Russell Coight. Except this time it was for real.