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If I was a Democrat in America now

I would make a simple change. Get your 2008 presidential nominations over now. All get behind the one leader and have him/her the focal point. Give the people a chance to get to know the leader. Would also give you time to blunt any attacks from your opponents, no matter how untrue they are.

Latham – KS83 or 84?

Mark Latham reminds me of Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy. Particularly in the early 1980s with his great battles in Grand Finals against Hawthorn. The young up-start against the wily old campaigner.

In 1983 Hawthorn pumped Sheedy’s team by a then-record amount. A year later, Sheeds swung some wild and unexpected changes. It wrong footed his more conservative opponent. And Essendon came from behind to win.

The big question is: is Latham Sheedy Version-83 or Version-84? We’ll know in less than a week.