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Hyperwords: a clever and useful Firefox add-on

Besides being open and fast, the Firefox browser also allows you to add-on add-ons. These are small mini-programs that enhance the functionality of this already terrific web browser.

One of my favourites is the free Hyperwords. Once installed you right click on a word or phrase and a most clever menu pops up. From this menu you can easily take that word/phrase and do lots of smart searches. For example look for it on Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, Flickr etc etc.

It looks like this

Also, if it’s a numerical amount you have selected, it can convert it from currency A to your local currency. It will even convert between units like kilograms to pounds. The conversions are NOT going to a separate web site, they just appear – already done – in the popup menu. Nice.

You can even add your own searches. I’ve added in “Search my local Williamstown library”. So if I’m reading a web page that mentions a great book or author, with 2 clicks Hyperwords is searching my local library for it.

Highly recommended. And great at the price.

Firefox 3 ; installed on Day 1

The latest version of my browser-of-choice came out this very day. So I backed up my bookmarks and download the brand new Firefox 3. Installed just fine on both the Windows boxes; PC and Laptop.

Most of my add-ons either migrated over or had new versions that pretty much installed themselves. I noted during the day that new versions of some more of the extensions were updated, so the developers were busy. The bookmarks came over just fine.

First impressions: it seems faster. I also like the Tags feature, where you can add your own descriptive Tags (Keywords) to your individual bookmarks. So I can add a Tag of “AussieNews” to my The Age newspaper and The ABC News web site’s bookmarks. Later on I can look at all my bookmarks tagged AussieNews.