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Mt Stapylton area– post Jan 2014 Grampians fires

Quick notes: I had thought I’d been told that Mt Stapylton area didn’t burn, but I was wrong. The actual wording was “Mt Zero and Mt Zero car park…etc”. So I was initially surprised when I saw that Mt S area had clearly been burnt and was now in recovery. Anyway, that’s cleared up now.

Ok, I’ve now set up a Flick account and uploaded the photos there:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/129464096@N05/

Grampians: Hollow Mountain has me in stitches

Am fine and home now. But yesterday (Thursday November 5th) was a day of adventure.  A quick summary:

Forecast for Thurs and Fri was for lovely weather, so decided a quick trip to the Northern Grampians was the go. 280km each way, so should try and stay 2 nights at least.

Plan was to try Briggs Bluff again, a year after my ill-fated first attempt.  So decided on

  • Two nights at Mt Zero Log Cabins (MZLC)
  • Thurs: warm-up walk. Re-do Hollow Mountain, in preparation for…
  • Friday: big walk: Briggs Bluff

But I didn’t get a chance to even start Briggs Bluff this time. (last time I got, err, umm, lost during the attempt).  So anyway:

  • About halfway up Hollow Mountain I caught my leg on a tree or sharp rock. Didn’t hurt that much…
  • … But a few mins later there’s red-stuff running down my leg.
  • Cut was below the knee on the back of the leg
  • I carry a small first-aid kit in the pack, so bandaged it up
  • It wasn’t hurting, so I continued and got to the top
  • Some photos now up at my Flickr page. Warning: some red-stuff shown, but not too bad.
  • Got back down again and even did a bit of tourist things etc
  • Back to MZLC about 4:30pm

Angela (the owner/manager there) was then kindly preparing some band-aids, new bandages and antiseptics, whilst I went off and washed my leg off.

When we both saw the cut we said “mmm, that’s gunna need stitches”.  Was ~3cm long and when I moved my leg it looked like a fishes mouth opening and closing!

How lucky is this: Angela said there was a major hospital at Horsham, only about 25 mins away. So I went off there and they put in 4 stitches plus gave me a tetanus shot, some antibiotics and strong pain-killers etc.  Back to MZLC about 9pm and very hungry!

No pain, slept okay. Didn’t touch pain-killers.  However doctor had said no more walks for at least a week, so decided to abandon the trip and come home today; barely 24 hours after leaving.

Stitches out in a week.   And I still haven’t got to Briggs Bluff.

Update:  a very warm Saturday 7th November.  I finally got to have a shower today.  And see my first ever stitches (sutures, they called them)  Please send congratulatory cards and telegrams  to me c/- ….