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Enthralling 2005 Grand Final

The 2005 AFL Grand Final was a ripper. I started watching it, excited but only about 75% interested. From the opening bounce I was enthralled.

I don’t watch much footy these days. A few short years ago I was an Essendon member; going each week, reserved seat and all that. But I became disillusioned. Not with my team, but with the fairness of the whole AFL competition. But that’s not for today.

Congratulations to the Sydney Swans for a fantastic performance. I used my mobile phone to record (live) the sound of that last frantic minute as we watched the match at my brothers. As I later said to a niece: I can’t believe a few people could make so much noise. The sound when Leo Barry took that mark was massive. A few seconds later a huge roar echoed throughout the house. I’m sure the kids in the rumpus room wondered what on earth was going on.

The Age headline summed it up well: “The mark that saved the flag”. It truly was. The final amazing act in a brilliant and exciting game.

AFL rights – all 8 games

Now that the AFL has given Channels 10 and 7 the go ahead to offer a joint bid, can the consortium ask for all 8 games?

It would make life interesting if they offered a sweetener; to show Friday night games live into Queensland and New South Wales. This has been a long-held dream of the AFL.

In turn this would make life difficult for Foxtel; what ‘added-value’ could they bring if all 8 games are on free to air.

Then there’s the ‘spare’ capacity of digital (free to air) TV. Can it be used for lesser games? Mmm. More on this later.

Weekend (Tigers!)

I arrived at the ground late due to the kids and as we walked past a radio an announcer said “so that makes it seven goals four to nothing”. I stopped and nearly turned to go home until he mentioned that it was the blues who were zero. It was a bit weird arriving at a game that was already over but I enjoyed the last three quarters. I can’t remember the last time we beat one of the big three (blues, magpies, bombers) by more than forty points let alone eighty.

Besides Coughlan who was sensational the stars of the day were in the backline. Despite that 7.4 – 0.2 score line at quarter time we only had two more inside fifties. It just seemed like every time they bombed it in one of Kellaway, Newman or Gaspar would take a mark. Then up the other end our guys were just too tall on occasions and as a result they didn’t pay any attention to two small guys in Brown and Krakouer. At one stage Brown took the ball out of Houlihan’s hands, strolled to the fifty metre line on the boundary on the wrong side for a left footer and he slotted it through. That was the point where I think all the Richmond supporters stopped worrying about any fight back.
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Cricket – Twenty 20 Cup Rules

There’s been some talk about this new Twenty 20 Cricket being played in the UK. Instead of a 2×50 over one-day format, this is less than half of that; 2×20 overs. Seems to be played between counties and as night matches. Hence it’s probably closer in duration to an AFL or Rugby game. I’ve got no doubt that Cricket Australia are eyeing this format off. Perhaps interstate games as a trial, then the Australian team.

Scores, per 20 over innings, seem to be around the 150 to 170 mark. This would suggest a run rate of well over 1 run per ball. But – as you can see below – with new penalties for things like batsmen not being ready, it may be even greater.

The main thing than interested me were the rules. These below, which come from another UK cricket site, have been edited slightly by me, to chop off stuff that we wouldn’t be in interested in (team names, prize money etc)
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Great Ess v Haw incidents

The feeling of deja vu was amplified by the camera work today. The way they
had a close up of the one ‘incident’ and had to quickly pull back (or cut
away) to a 2nd one a few metres away. It was just like that Ess V Hawks Grand
Final all-in-brawl of the mid 1980s.

We used to travel all the way out to VFL park to see us play Hawthorn back
then. I’m sure it was there were Dermie KO’d Van Der Haar and also ran through
our huddle. I think it was there where he kissed Billy Duckworth too. Perhaps
all three were in the same game!

Then there was Barney breaking the point post at Windy Hill; a young Dipper
smashing a Bombers face all over his, umm, face – and an older Dipper taking
out Kevin Walsh in a Grand Final. Even just a few years ago there was that
final played at the G when it was strangely humid and the umpires didn’t help
the oppressive atmosphere either.

What is it about these two teams? Our rivalry with Collingwood and Carlton
might be greater; but Essendon and Hawthorn seem to have more memorable
incidents. May it never change.