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Wiki on my mobile phone

Someone once said that “Wiki’s were the way the web was meant to be.” Well…okay, it was me who said it. And it was published in The Age newspaper as well.

But anyway, the Wiki concept is web pages that are easy to edit and link up. Wikipedia is a great example.

So rather than use a database on my new HTC smart phone, a techno-buddy suggested I use a mini Wiki. And sure enough I discovered bLADE Wiki.

I use it for Lists (Books to Read or Buy, Movies to …, CDs to…, Good Wines)

It’s very easy to create/edit/link pages. It is supplied with versions for the Phone and Windows Desktop PC. So you can create etc on either environment, then set up syncing, so as to ensure both devices have the same Wiki pages.

Said Tech Buddy also pointed out that another of our Tech Buddies talked about a Wiki on his mobile. And sure enough, yep…it’s the same one. How do I know? Well he’s thanked in the notes that come with the Wiki !